Travel Tips

It’s pretty basic, but when we go on holiday sustainability goes out the window. Below are 7 easy tips to stay green while you are away!


The Akagu team has been travelling a lot recently, from Bangkok to Seoul, NYC to San Francisco, and has been giving a lot of thought to staying sustainable while we travel. It is so easy to sit back and relax and forget about the basics! I’ve compiled a short-list of what you should keep in mind on your next adventure.


1. Recycle


This pretty much should be a standard in your daily life, just remember to keep recycling while you’re away! Most cities have established a recycling system, and keep it simple using blue or green coloring to indicate the recycling bin. If you are in an area that doesn’t make it easy for you or has separated their bins try to stear clear of plastic waste, or even better keep it until you find a recycling bin.


2. Bring Your Own Water Bottle


Sounds so simple, but with airport security and clean water you can buy and dispose of a lot of plastic bottles. Try to keep it simple and save some cash, bring your own water bottle. There are a lot of ways to purify your water, chlorine tablets, boiling water, and using purified water fountains.


3. Travel Overland


Flying accounts for 11% of all carbon emissions in the US, if you really want to travel green fly less. It’s finally a perfect excuse for that long road trip to Ayr’s rock or take the train along the Pacific Coast of the US! Flying is one of the most fuel emitting forms of transport, so if you do fly, carbon offset your footprint.


4. Choose to Carbon Offset


When you pay to carbon offset you are paying to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Some offsets go towards replanting trees, or Sustainable Travel International will donate to a wind farm in Texas or forest conservation in Peru. Airlines can make it confusing during the booking process and you can buy offsets through other organizations.


5. Turn it Off When You Leave


Hotels are amazing, and thank god you don’t have to worry about bills! But that also doesn’t mean that while you are on holiday you can leave the air conditioning on when you are gone all day. Even go as far as opting out of daily housekeeping for fresh sheets and towels, saving on excess laundry.


6. Pack for the Planet


It’s physics, less weight means more fuel- efficient, with fewer kilos you have to move. Resist adorable travel size products, that are a drain to produce, and use reusable travel bottles that you can continue to refill.


7. Go Green


Eco tourism has become more and more available, with some amazing hotels and experiences across the world. Check for Eco Tourism Certification when you are planning out the holiday, look for eco tourism hotels, tours or activities. Not only can it reduce energy and waste, you are also supporting an awesome industry!


Quick tips, but they will definitely help you relax when you are away, knowing you can keep doing good even on vacation!