Vintage Shopping Through Europe

I have been traveling through London, Paris and Stuttgart. There is nowhere like Europe in the summer, especially in World Cup Season!

I started the Fashion 4 Good challenge where I don’t buy any new clothes for the next three months, which doesn’t include vintage. Perfect for me! And this trip I had the chance to wander through some of the best cities in the world and ended up at a few vintage stores that are a must visit for any fashionista and great for the challenge!


In London the best store for second hand luxury is the Red Cross in Chelsea on Old Church St. Rumor has it that Victoria Beckham drops her clothes off there! The racks are filled with with all designer labels. There are Celine sweaters, Choo shoes and Marant pants. The best bargain I saw was a Chloe suit for 300 pounds and a Burberry trench for 250!

In Mayfair there are a few charity shops on Marylebone St, like Oxfam and Cancer Research that each have a section dedicated to luxury brands in their store, like Gucci. Otherwise their racks are filled with high end high street labels like FCUK.


From London I headed across the channel to Paris, the home of couture! I dedicated a full day of walking through the city to find a the perfect French vintage stores. In the streets behind the Louvre is the store La Maralle, a vintage store in Galerie Vivienne. Absolutely fabulous store, well curated with contemporary designers and classic french labels. They have a great collection of handbags and Hermes scarves.

Meanwhile my favourite store from the entire trip and the absolute find of a lifetime was the store, Defile de Marques, in the streets behind the Eiffel Tour. I was in heaven when I walked in! It is a bit less organised than La Maralle, you definitely have to look through the racks. That being said the racks are Full of french couture, if you love GIvenchy and Yves Saint Laurent this is your store. There are Givenchy and YSL suits for 300 euros, mixed in with Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen dresses and tops. I left the store with half a closet and the best steal was the YSL opera scarf for 50 euros and Givenchy pants designed by Riccardo for 75 euros!

I would make a trip to Paris specifically to visit again ;).


If you do find yourself in Stuttgart, the car capital of the world then there is a whole area dedicated to second hand and vintage in Marienplatz.