A World of Experience

Fashion is a global industry, a reality I’ve seen on the ground. As shown by the above map, I have lived and worked in fashion hubs around the world, like New York, Shanghai, London, Paris and Brisbane. This map represents my different experiences around the world, my knowledge of different fashion markets and my love to travel .

In New York, I have interned at Point A Showrooms, just off 7th and Fashion Ave. Even freelancing at the Coterie fashion show in the Javitz center, soaking up the pace of NYFW. I experienced global fashion with fashion merchandising and marketing in Shanghai. Expanding a local couture accessory brand across Shanghai and Singapore. 

Brisbane is a new world city and has new and exciting opportunities in fashion. While finishing my degree in business I immersed myself in the Australian fashion market. I interned for fashion showrooms and helped launch brands, through sourcing and developing to business plans. I interned for a bespoke menswear suiting line, working with high profile clients and culminating with assisting in designing their collection for MBFF. My last year at uni I worked on a team to develop Undress Runways 2016 show. I have dedicated multiple other posts to this awesome event and my role in putting it all together, check them out!

I have lived part of my life in Europe, in England and Germany. I am familiar with the European style and lifestyle. In Paris I have spent multiple trips and vacations exploring the fashion capitol and am comfortable speaking the language. 

No matter where I go I like to be involved in the local fashion culture and love to experience fashion as a global industry.